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Best Critical Care and ICU Hospital in Kurukshetra- Shri Balaji Aarogyam

Shri Balaji Aarogyam Hospital has Kurukshetra’s most developed Critical Care and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services. Our caring staff focuses on providing service to sick victims. Equipped with the latest medical technology and lifesaving gear, our ICU is a good place for urgent and comprehensive treatment of conditions like sepsis, respiratory failure, and cardiac arrest. We are aware of the problems patients and family members encounter during critical illness and will continue to offer compassionate care and regular updates on the patient’s condition. Trust us as an advanced critical care and ICU provider for unparalleled patient outcomes.

Reasons to Choose Us for Best Critical Care and ICU Hospital in Kurukshetra

Get personally assisted by our team of professionals in Critical Health Care and Intensive Care units at our hospital in Kurukshetra. Our team of doctors with expert skills, having access to the most modern equipment and training, tackle complex cases accurately and confidently. Our staff delivers multi-layered care from sepsis to traumatic injuries to achieve the best outcome. We guarantee the effective use of compassion and communication with patients and their families, and they will feel support during their journey. We unite at the critical juncture of Kurukshetra to provide you with the best essential standard of care.


ICU patients are those with life-threatening conditions such as sepsis, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and severe trauma who may need ICU care for intensive monitoring and treatment.

The patient in the ICU is under constant supervision, has access to specialized tools, and, most importantly, is attended to by a team of critical care medicine doctors ready to react immediately in case of an unexpected change in the patient's condition.

While visits by family members are being encouraged, the stay may be limited due to space and patient needs. On the other hand, our team includes implementing frequent updates and space for families to be actively involved in the decision-making process.