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Best Urologist in Kurukshetra

At Shri Balaji Aarogyam Hospital, you get the best urologist in Kurukshetra. Urologists diagnose and treat the urinary system and male genital system diseases. They treat conditions as complicated as kidney stones, urinary infections, and prostate cancer. Our hospital has cutting-edge facilities and a highly trained urology team that uses the latest technologies like robotic surgery and laser procedures. Our urology doctors will help you find the best treatment for all urologic problems. Rely on our expert urologists, who ensure the highest quality treatment and care.

Why Choose Our Expert Urology Doctor in Kurukshetra

Choose the best urology doctor in Kurukshetra today for high-class treatment. Our urologist specializes in kidney stone treatment, prostate surgery, and operations such as URS and TURP. Through their experience, they conduct the correct diagnosis and treatment of urinary system problems. Rely on our urologist, who is meticulous, to provide you with personalized care and solutions for your urological problems.


Urologists diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions of the urinary system and male genitourinary organs like kidney stones, urinary tract infections, issues of prostate and bladder, etc.

If you experience difficulties such as painful urination, blood in urine, frequent UTIs and any other concerns about your reproductive health, you should visit a urologist.

Urologists have a wide range of therapies, including drug therapy, minimally invasive methods, and surgery. They can do operations on, for example, kidney stones, prostate surgery, ureteroscopy, and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).